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What I Do

You aren't the only one who's applying for the same job or scholarship grant. So, how do you stand out from the crowd?

You start with good writing. That's where The King's Penman in Inverness, Florida can lend you a hand. Through the following services, I will help you rise above the pack. 

Job Seeker Services

  • Resume Writing for Federal Government and Private Entities
  • Modify Existing Resume
  • Resume Written from Scratch
  • Add Professional Appeal to LinkedIn Profile
  • Assist with Obtaining LinkedIn Endorsements
  • Video Sessions for Interview Coaching

Find Your Way

  • Career Path Approach for High School Students
  • Proofreading Scholarship Essays
  • Proofreading Essays for College Applications
  • Proofreading College Essays for both Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Freelance Services

  • White Papers
  • Technical Writing
  • Business Letters
  • Articles and Newsletters
  • Community Bulletins
  • Blog Content

High school students
A graduation photo
Writing on paper

Rise Above the Pack

Get started today. Request a free quote or estimate via phone or email.