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Arlena Newson 

Writer, Life Coach & Notary Public



The King's Penman is a writing service dedicated to polishing your ideas and your image to provide you with the guidance necessary to navigate toward a successful path. Instead of investing in things with minimal return, consider investing in yourself. Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part. This is where I can assist by helping you with being the difference in a pile of similarities. 

Who is Arlena?

Helping People Since 2002

My name is Arlena Newson. I was born and raised in Chicago, IL and have always wanted to be a writer. I was aware of the challenges being a writer presented so I decided to weigh all of my options. It became a tossup between being an attorney and entering the world of Public Policy.

How did I end up in Inverness, FL? It’s a slightly interesting story. I graduated high school at seventeen and picked a location on the east coast, down south, and on the west coast. Each location was written on a piece of paper and placed on the dartboard. As I stood there, I decided wherever the dart landed is where I would begin my new life.


A light on a hill can not be hidden. 

Let your writing be the light.